__________ English like an American.
a.   Read
b.   Write
c.   Understand
d.   Speak
e.   All of the above

I’m Michael. I’m an American expat English teacher/trainer/coach in the Paris region, and I’m the guy behind je parle américain. When I initially created je parle américain back in 2011, it was going to be a professional website for a start-up English language consulting business. Instead, it very quickly evolved into a blog about my life as an expat. A few years later, it’s come full circle and now serves as the website for my career as an English teacher/trainer/coach in France. My goal — the goal of je parle américain — is to help you “_______ English like an American.” … You fill in the blank!

I provide English instruction solely through the companies that employ me. I therefore do not provide private English lessons.

A little more about me …

I’m a CELTA-certified instructor of English to speakers of other languages, and I’ve been actively teaching English in a professional setting since January 2014. So far, I’ve taught more than 2000 hours of English lessons to well over 100 different students at all levels and in all walks of life, from high school students to business professionals to restaurateurs to tax drivers. I’ve also spent more than 200 hours teaching other teachers how to teach. Teaching English as a second language wasn’t my first career. Before moving to France, I worked as a lawyer for seven years, specializing in corporate securities regulatory law. Before that, I managed marketing and member services for a professional society of pension actuaries. I think of my eclectic professional experience as a distinct advantage in my current career, because it allows me to draw from diverse areas in order to enrich the classroom experience.

My real passions are history and languages. I studied political science and international relations (after a brief foray into architecture), and I’ve studied French, German, Turkish, Arabic, and Irish (Gaelic). I hold a Diplôme approfondi de langue française (DALF — C1), meaning my French level is “effective operational proficiency.” I truly love my mother tongue; it’s a rich and beautiful language with a fascinating history. I especially love the connections between it and French, so be forewarned: I could talk for hours about all the English words you never knew were really French! I believe my love affair with these two languages is one of the reasons I’m a good teacher of English to French speakers and why I can help you learn to love English as much as I do.

© 2015 Samuel Michael Bell


2 thoughts on “about je parle américain

    1. Hi Crystal, I think there should be a “Follow” button under the number of visits on the home page, at the very bottom, in the center. Hopefully that will work. That said, I haven’t written anything new in a few years. However, you can always browse the archives by clicking on “menu” at the top right of the home page and clicking the down arrow beside “Blog archives.” Thanks for contacting me!

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