je parle américain doesn’t have your run-of-the-mill blog format, but don’t be disoriented by it. It’s easy to get around once you know what you’re doing. To help you out, here’s a quick primer on how to get where you want to go. (You can always click on the photos below to see them in a larger format in a new tab or window.)

The home page is where you are when you first arrive on, and you can get anywhere on the blog from here. (Click on one of the links above to open the blog in a new tab or window so you can play around.)

home page

On the home page, you see “about je parle américain,” “featured articles,” and the most recent ten articles I’ve posted. Clicking on “about je parle américain” takes you to a page where you can subscribe to the blog, get the rss feed, check out blog stats, search the archives and top posts, find links to the blogs I follow and other sites of interest, link to the blog’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and see the important copyright notice. Clicking on “featured articles” takes you to a page that highlights three articles of special interest at the moment. They change from time to time.

To see articles other than the last ten posted, you have a few choices. You can see older articles on other navigation pages (other pages that show articles in the “article-grid” format like the home page) by clicking on the “← Older posts” link at the bottom left of the page you’re on …

older posts

… or you can see newer posts by clicking on the “Newer posts →” link at the bottom right.

newer posts

You can also select “archives by date” in the drop-down menus at the top of the home page or any navigation page …

archives date

… or “archives by category.”

archives category

To read an article, simply click on it (the title, the background image, the teaser, or the “Continue reading →” link) …

select article

Here, the selected article is “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”
Notice how the background image becomes beige when the article is selected.

If at any time, you need to get back to the home page, just click the beige rectangle above the title of the article. You can also click the “home” link at the bottom of the header or header photo …

home link

… or at the top of any navigation page.

home nav page

At the top of the home page (and all navigation pages), you will see several drop-down menus. We’ve already talked about the archives, but you can also access the “special features” menu, with categories of articles dealing with particular topics …

special features

… “the cast of characters,” to introduce you to
the people who show up regularly in the articles …

cast of characters

… and “contact me,” where you can send me a private message,
find je parle américain on Facebook or on Twitter,
or acces my CV and offer me a job!

contact me

So there you have it: an overview of how to navigate je parle américain to find exactly what you want to find! I hope you enjoy your visit, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Bienvenue !

© 2013 Samuel Michael Bell, all rights reserved

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