To Be Born Somewhere

Photo: © 2011 Michel Denis Pouradier, all rights reserved

Following on my blog post yesterday about my visit to the prefecture in Bobigny, I wanted to share a slideshow of photos taken during that visit by my husband, Michel. It captures the very human side of what I approached from a more humorous perspective in my post. The photos are poignantly evocative of the truth that we are all part of the same family, no matter where we were born. Michel quotes a well-known French song in his blog post, which I think beautifully encapsulates the story told by these images:

On ne choisit pas ses parents, on ne choisit pas sa famille, on ne choisit pas non plus les trottoirs de Manille, de Paris ou d’Alger pour apprendre à marcher, être né quelque part …

We don’t choose our parents, we don’t choose our families, we don’t choose the sidewalks of Manilla, Paris, or Algiers to learn to walk, to be born somewhere …

Être né quelque part: Slideshow on Le Cahier de Miko

Photo credits © 2011, Michel Denis Pouradier

© 2011, Samuel Michael Bell, all rights reserved

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