Oh Happy Day … Guacamole in Paris!

As an American living in France, I’ve come to appreciate the culinary delights of this culture (the vegetarian-friendly ones, at least):

Even so, my expatriate palate still longs for the familiar, even mundane flavors of home:

    • cheap and readily accessible peanut butter
    • Krispy Kreme donuts (because, I’m sorry y’all, but a French beignet can’t even touch a Krispy Kreme donut)
    • pimento cheese on white bread (because I’m from the South, if you didn’t pick up on that from the “y’all” I just dropped)
    • a veggie “burger” that doesn’t consist of a potato pancake stuffed with peas and carrots, and—of course—
    • Mexican fast food.

Well, I am pleased to report that I can now cross Mexican fast food off the list! Today, thanks to a fellow blogger’s post in the Americans in Paris Facebook group, I made the joyous discovery that Chipotle Mexican Grill has opened a location right here in Paris! (Click here to read her review and see pictures from Chipotle Paris.) I may not be able to find pimento cheese or good donuts here, but I can now gorge on quality, mass-produced guacamole to my heart’s content!

Vive la Révolution, indeed!

Apparently, Chipotle Paris rolled their first burrito a whole week ago, but somehow I had no idea this was happening. I’m not sure how news like this—so clearly indispensable to an American expat—could have escaped me for so long, but I’m not killing any more time. I’m jonesin’ for a veggie fajita burrito with guac and cheese in a very big way, so lunch plans have been finalized for tomorrow. Stay tuned, fellow expats … I’ll be back with my own review tout de suite !

© 2012 Samuel Michael Bell, all rights reserved

4 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day … Guacamole in Paris!

  1. I’d like to let you know that I found another tex-mex type place in Paris! It’s called Cactus, and fortunately for me there’s one right around the corner from my office. I get veggie burritos with rice and beans and of COURSE guacamole… they have pretty decent prices and the food is pretty good considering…

    Here’s the website if you want to check it out: http://www.cactus-restaurant.com/Cactus.html#

    Enjoy that guac! 😉

    1. Oh very cool! I must say, I was pleased with the flavor of the food at Chipotle today … exactly like I remembered it from back in the US, but I am always open to other quick Mexican places. What surprised me most about Chipotle were the prices: 9 euros for a burrito seems a bit steep, but then again, this is Paris!

      Thanks for the tip … I’ll be sure to check Cactus out, too!

  2. The closest Krispy Kreme’s are at Harrods in London =) and Southern Living has pimento cheese recipes on-line. Now that Philadelphia Cream Cheese is available where I live, I will try a recipe or two. I’ll share once I find the right combination of French and imported ingredients.

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