Lenny Kravitz’s Favorite Falafel

L’As du Fallafel, certified Kosher—”always imitated but never duplicated” © 2011 Samuel Michael Bell, all rights reserved

I’m often asked if it’s hard being a vegetarian in Paris. The question makes a lot of sense. After all, when you think of French cuisine, you probably conjure up images of bœuf bourguignon, coq au vin, foie gras, even escargots. And ham, well, ham is practically its own food group here. The truth is, though, that between cheese crêpes and savory tarts (as long as there are no lardons in there), I’ve never really had much trouble finding something to eat. But one of the best things about being a vegetarian in Paris isn’t even French …

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Protected: The Patience of a Butterfly

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Urine, Chicken Bones, and Loud-mouths

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When friends back home think of my life here in France, they probably have an image of a charming little Parisian apartment: one with those narrow floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over a jumbled skyline of zinc rooftops. Maybe there’s even a tiny balcony with geraniums and a little café chair where the cats hang out on sunny days? That is, unless my many Facebook railings against life in the Paris suburbs have effectively disabused them of this overly romanticized image.

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