3 months and 3,000 views

Three months ago, I launched je parle américain in its current form: an online diary of my life as an American expatriate in France. Since then, I’ve published 47 posts, of which 27 are what I’d call substantial pieces. (The rest were short observations or posts sharing videos or photos.) I’ve written about everything from my immigration woes to how to make good pancakes at home, from how I met the love of my life to the history of “not” in French. To mark the “quarter-birthday” of je parle américain, here are a few interesting observations gleaned from the blog’s stash of stats, as well as links to my top ten posts by traffic and by commentary. Oh, and don’t stop reading before the end, because I’ve included a catalog of the top ten strangest search strings that have brought Internet surfers to my blog. Continue reading 3 months and 3,000 views