Fourth Fourth

Today is my fourth Fourth of July in France. For my first Fourth, I got on a soapbox. For my second Fourth, I waxed sentimental about who was eating my apple pie. For my third Fourth, I tried to make you laugh. So … what’s on the agenda for my fourth Fourth?

Unfortunately, we haven’t planned anything at all for today. Originally, I was scheduled to be in Brussels with an American friend who’s there on business, but developments resulted in a last minute change of plans. More than likely, we’ll just be packing our bags this evening for a weekend at Château de Vallery to celebrate the marriage of two of our friends … and trying to ignore the neighborhood ruckus caused by the France-Germany match in the World Cup. (I am soooo ready for this whole thing to be over!)

In the absence of anything new to report, I’ll just commemorate the day with a stroll down memory lane and a promise for something typically (or stereotypically) American next year …

(Click on the photos to access the articles.)

July 4, 2011, on my soapbox being an indignant social activist


July 4, 2012, waxing sentimental about my apple pie

July 4, 2013, American history gives way to American dessert

So, whatever you’re doing to celebrate the 238th anniversary of American independence, no matter where you are, je parle américain wishes you a wonderful day full of social activism, sentimentalism … and buttercream!

© 2014 Samuel Michael Bell, all rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Fourth Fourth

  1. Happy 4th, you two! Hope you end up having a great day…we’re off to a barbecue thrown by English friends. As usual I’ll be the token Americaine!

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